Timeless Greatness Of God

“O God Our Help In Ages Past” – Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

My favourite end of year hymn on the human condition, setting the shortness of life and the littleness of human beings against the timeless greatness of God…. who has been our help [in the past] and hope [in the future].

Psalm 90 is the foundation for “O God Our Help In Ages Past.”

“Lord you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations” (Psalm 90:1). In other words, we are secure in the knowledge that God has been there for us. And our hope does not waver with the knowledge that He is with us now and in the future.

When a “stormy blast” comes, I will always rely on God’s presence and promises, not on a New Year’s resolution.

The great stream of time rolls on, carrying with it myriads of human beings with all their cares and fears. No minute passes but some are borne away. Almost every day from among ourselves one and another go from us; one from this household, and another from that.

In our weakness and frailty, and amid all the changes and chances of this transitory life, even as a child turns to its parent in trouble and distress, so must we in our helplessness cast ourselves upon our God.

Vain is the help of man, but in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting love and sympathy, and help and strength.

O God, our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal home.

Under the shadow of Thy throne
Thy saints have dwelt secure;
Sufficient is Thine arm alone,
And our defence is sure.

Before the hills in order stood,
Or earth received her frame,
From everlasting Thou art God,
To endless years the same.

A thousand ages in Thy sight
Are like an evening gone;
Short as the watch that ends the night
Before the rising sun.

Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
Bears all its sons away;
They fly forgotten, as a dream
Dies at the opening day.

O God, our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come,
Be Thou our guard while life shall last,
And our eternal home.


Fierce winds blow, lightning flashes, and thunder cracks so loudly it shakes your home. That kind of storm makes us quake with fear and wonder how we’ll ever survive. And that’s the kind of storm we feel each time another terrorist strikes, or a job is lost, or a loved one dies.

In the midst of such storms, our hearts can find hope in the words of “O God Our Help in Ages Past.” As the hymn writer states, God is “our shelter from the stormy blast.” No matter what tragedy strikes, no matter what leaves us devastated, God can protect us.

But how can we be so sure that God is there in the storm? The hymn answers that question in these words, “from everlasting you are God, to endless years the same.”

God doesn’t change. He guided the Israelites safely to the Promised Land. He raised Jesus from the dead. And when we look at our own past, we’ll always notice the same thing: God was there to see us through the storms. Knowing that, we can live with hope that he’ll protect us in the present too.

What storms shake you today? Maybe you feel like an emotional wreck. Maybe you’re fighting tough spiritual battles. Maybe your family circumstances have spiraled out of control. But no matter what “stormy blast” may be swirling around you, hold on to the promise of this hymn. Let the truth of Psalm 90 be your strength for you just as it was for Isaac Watts so long ago. You can be confident that God will see you through.

Happy New Year friends!



Your Life Is Right Now! It’s Not Later!

Your life is right now! It’s not later! 

It’s not in that time of retirement. It’s not when the lover gets here. It’s not when you’ve moved into the new house. It’s not when you get the better job. 

Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it’s not ever going to get better than right now-until it gets better right now!

~ Abraham Hicks

Because I Always Have A Choice 

Compassion is changing before our eyes.

You may not have chosen the problem you inherited. You may not have asked for the hand life seems to have dealt you. But you do have a choice of what you will do in response. 

You have the choice to walk away or stay. You have the choice to blame or bless. You have the choice to forgive or live offended. No one can take that power from you. Though many may make you feel you’re all out of options, it’s not true! 

You can choose life. You can choose to get help. You can choose to break the silence. You can choose to forgive. You can choose to go home like the prodigal son.
Today, what do you need to choose to do, say or be?
Don’t let the enemy contain you in the false walls of the lies that he would like to frame around you. Instead, remember you always have a choice. So today choose well.
Because I always have a choice…

I choose LOVE.

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Never Cut What You Can Untie 

​”Never Cut What You Can Untie.” –  Joseph Joubert

…because the work of the scissors is rather final, once the cut is made, the object is forever altered. Glue may come in handy to repair a paper item, bringing it close to its original state.  However, all women know glue is of no value once our hairdresser takes a scissors to our hair!  That cut is final!
How many times do we cut ties, cut people out of our lives, cut our losses, or cut opportunities?

“Cutting” can be extreme, sometimes excessive, and often unnecessary. So, what does this phrase – never cut what you can untie – mean? 

Think about the quote on a relational level.

Reflect on a tie between you and another person that is being challenged due to a conflict.
How would you describe the tie between you and the other person?
What is especially important to you about the relationship with her or him?
What happened that you ended up in conflict? What is the conflict about?
How did you contribute to the conflict? How did the other person?
What seems to be cutting into the relationship regarding the conflict between you?
How might you stop the cut?
How might you untie things – rather than cut them – to better understand and reconcile your differences?
What do you need from the other person to keep the relationship intact?
What may the other person need from you?
How will you ultimately tie up things regarding this conflict so that you both will be comfortable and supported?
Never cut what you can untie. 
Nehemiah shows us how we should never cut what we can untie. Nehemiah wept over the broken walls of Jerusalem
Reflection: Nehemiah 5:6-13  

Sowing And Reaping

Galatians 6:1–10
‘at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’ (v9)

It is a known fact that what we sow is what we reap. A person cannot expect to pick tomatoes if he or she has only sown cucumber seeds. This is one of the things we can be quite sure about.

Similarly, the same thing is true in life. What we sow with regard to pleasant seeds or bitter ones, the result will be the same.  Here is a simple rule of thumb for behaviour: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them! If you only love the lovable, do you expect a pat on the back? Run-of-the-mill sinners do that. If you only help those who help you, do you expect a medal? Garden-variety sinners do that. If you only give for what you hope to get out of it, do you think that’s charity? The stingiest of pawnbrokers does that.

I tell you, love your enemies. Help and give without expecting a return. You’ll never—I promise—regret it. Live out this God-created identity the way our Father lives toward us, generously and graciously, even when we’re at our worst.  Our Father is kind; you be kind. (Luke 6:31–36)

Sadly though, despite this great teaching, when it comes to sowing ‘good’ into some people, we don’t always reap the same return straightaway. Sometimes a particular person does not, at the time, possess the fertile soil in which a good seed can grow, neither does the seed always grow immediately. That is why, in Galatians 6:1–10, we are told to keep on, keeping on. We will see results eventually, in all people, if we do not give up. That’s a fact.

For prayer and reflection
Father, I do want to be a giving person, giving forgiveness where necessary and encouragement and love to those who need it from me. Please help me to keep on trying. Amen.


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Grief Has No Timeline

Grief Has No Timeline

Certain things need an expiration date. Milk, eggs, butter, flour, bread, meat, fish… there is a time we need to be done with them, and throw them away… I get all that. But does grief have an expiration date? For some reason, there seem to be an acceptable shelf life, 6 – 12 months, and then grief should be off the shelf, out of the home and permanently removed with the weekly trash service.

For people who have not experienced a close death, maybe grief has an expiration date – otherwise they would know the truth. No one wants somebody they love to die. So, until faced with reality, it’s easier to think ‘this won’t happen to me, and if it does it will only be bad for a short amount of time and then… there’s an expiration date and it is magically all gone’.

Some family and friends expect you to “get over” grief as soon as possible. The reality is you won’t be over it, nor should you be. If somebody spent years loving another person, the pain of that person’s death simply will not be removed due to a date on the calendar.

The opposite actually might happen – people who are grieving may feel even more pain 5, 10, 20, 40 years after the loss of their loved ones. That’s the reality. It is normal. And it’s okay because there is no one way to grief, and no certain order, and no timeline. There is definitely no expiration date.

Sometimes, the thought of your loved one missing a special day or milestone in your life, makes you sad. Yes. That’s the reality. Grief never fully goes away. That doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t live a happy and productive life. What it means is that the life you shared with loved ones lost, doesn’t have an expiration date.

On this day 29 years ago, I lost my mother, Esther Olabisi Akinwale. I am grateful everyday that she was my mother. I cherish with joy all the important life and business skills I learned from her.
I will treasure forever, my last day with the woman who raised me.

She was loving and kind in all her ways,
Upright and just to the end of her days,
Sincere and true in her heart and mind,
A beautiful memory she left behind,
She had a nature you could not help loving,
A heart that was purer than gold;
And to those who knew her and loved her, her memory will never grow old.



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What Is Holding You Back?

What Is Holding You Back?

“Shake yourself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.” –  Isaiah 52:2

Your purpose in life is met when your spirit is free.

What holds you back? What frustrates you? What keeps repeating? Where do you always find a roadblock?
Make a list.

There are chains when we are caught in wrong emotions, when we can’t seem to find peace, when there’s constant fretting, when there are habits and addictions. We’re in bondage when we are obsessed with anyone or anything.

List negative traits in your life and lineage and then simply don’t repeat them. Only in freedom can you get back to who you really are. Where there is sin, repent; where bitterness has taken root, forgive; where there are poor examples (and bad traditions) start fresh.

What’s the most hurtful emotion or habit you have? Anger? Unforgiveness? Antagonism? Hostility? Impatience? Guilt?

No matter how trapped you are, know this: there is always an exit.

God is in the business of breaking chains…

What chains are in your life? In your family’s?  Why not list them. Why not plead the blood of Jesus to break them when the priest elevates the mighty chalise? #Eucharist

God’s love heals and breaks every chain. The prison door is open. You are free!

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