Someday Isle – The Worst Holiday Destination Ever!


There are dreamers and there are doers in this world – and there is joy in both.

Leading author, coach and speaker, Brian Tracy talks of a place known as Someday Isle. It’s a unique place with its own culture and language. The Someday Isle phrase book includes the familiar exchanges:

‘Someday I’ll…travel the world’

‘Someday I’ll…make the time to follow my dreams’

‘Someday I’ll…start living my own life instead of living it for everyone else’

If you are saying this, you’re likely to be on Someday Isle and the worse thing of all, most other people are in the same place. What would it take to stop making excuses and really show up?

2014 is almost here, so I assume some are off to that lonely place called Someday Isle.

I’d like you to think about the next challenge in your life or business. Do you want to learn something new? Do you want to do something different? What is getting in the way of saying ‘yes, let’s do it!

What is on your someday Isle list? Is it to surrender the remote control of your life to your creator? Make more money? Is it to travel? To write a book? Start that company? Hit the gym to get in great shape? Get more clients? Get a mentor/Sponsor?

Remember, there is a big difference between goals delivered and goals permanently wished for.

The world doesn’t end when you decide to follow your dream – it begins.


List five things you have been procrastinating about and plan to take at least a little bit of action on all five before the end of 2013.
Do it Now!






Now is the time to book a flight back from Someday Isle.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight to freedom!

Surround yourself with other island ex-pats who can encourage you on your journey and help you to maintain motivation. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged back to Someday Isle by the doubters.

Be careful who you hang out with!

I wish you a New Year filled with happiness, success and joy.

Toyin Olaleye